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  • Assistants Price Coming to the Crown Store Beyond Expectation in ESO [03/29/2016]
    In the Elder Scrolls Online, players across all three of the game's alliances are currently enjoying the latest Thieves Guild DLC. Those with a penchant toward stealing, pickpocketing and other nefarious acts are now able to pick up the DLC to partake in repeatable quests for the Thieves Guild and work their way up the guild through its story campaign.
  • Reviews of the ESO DLC Thieves Guild [03/28/2016]
    It has been a short while since the Elder Scrolls Online DLC Thieve Guild released. You may find that this DLC isn't anything like the previous two if you ever spent time progressing through the storyline. To make it short, it does take an important part that is missing while offering up some fantastic new gameplay.
  • Huge Patch Notes about the ESO Thieves Guild DLC [03/28/2016]
    In the articles before, we have a brief introduction about the ESO Thieves Guild DLC. For detailed information on the game's promoted features can be found below:
  • Something About the Crafting in ESO [03/26/2016]
    With some crafting, the MMO would be complete truly. The crafting system is very stream lined in ESO. It allows the players to jump right in and build themselves items. Then you should know something about the crafting. This is also the main idea of the article as follows:
  • Some Skills About the Bow and Their Morphs in ESO [03/23/2016]
    Each player in ESO knows that the bow is a kind of two handed weapon. The bow includes a lot of species, such as the oak bow, the beech bow, the maple bow, the ash bow and another five. And then, I'd like to share you some skills for bows in ESO in this guide. The details are as following:
  • The Things That You Will Meet at Level 50 [03/22/2016]
    The Elder Scrolls Online has tone of post - game content. And the endgame does more than just allow players to do new missions and use new gear. It opens up the world of Tamriel and allows players to visit places they've never been to and fight enemies far more powerful than any they have previously faced.
  • Brief Introductions About the Werewolf [03/22/2016]
    Last week, we have talked about the Vampire. And then, I'd like to share something about the werewolf. The Werewolf is also a special character just like the Vampire I mentioned before.
  • All You Should Know About the Vampires [03/20/2016]
    Vampires are a special character in the Elder Scrolls Online. Vampires are allowed to have a number of special abilities, but some unique vulnerabilities at the same time. Then about the vampires, all you should know is as follows:
  • Guides About the Public Dungeon And Group Dungeon in ESO [03/18/2016]
    Dungeon is an important part in the Elder Scrolls Online just like many other MMOs' games. But there is a little difference in ESO which makes its dungeon a particular one when compared with others. Most players' opinions on dungeon are used to rush gear and items, but players in ESO could get collectors items or trophy as rewards. Want to know more about dungeons in ESO? Then you shouldn't miss the following:
  • All You Should Know About the Nightblade [03/18/2016]
    To be exactly, the Nightblade class is a powerful DPS class. Then the DPS stands for damage per second, which means someone who can deal, but not take lots of damage but can't defend. A Nightblade is able to dish out large amounts of damage while using stealth to remain hidden and out of the line fire of enemies. They are also able to take on multiple enemies if leveled correctly. The details may like this:
  • Tips for Fishing in ESO [03/16/2016]
    There are some advantages for you to fishing in the Elder Scrolls Online compared with in the real world. Maybe the points are in it's free and you don't need spray or sun tan lotion, or you don't have to sit in traffic or wait in line at the marina for a boat to get there. But the bad news is you can't use the chat commands to talk to friends while you sit back and relax waiting for the big one to bite. You also can't use your catch to make potions or meals like it was originally planned for the game.
  • Steps About Character Creation in ESO [03/15/2016]
    Character creation is the first necessary step that you must take before you start your journey in the Elder Scrolls Online. Right class and character will make you full enjoying your traveling. To be a true hero doesn't mean that you just bear your arms against enemies, but you also should look like someone out of legends. Then the following steps may give you some enlightenment:
  • Several Things that New ESO Players Must Know [03/15/2016]
    New to the Elder Scrolls Online? Know little about the ESO? Want to get acquainted with it? Maybe the following few answers can help you a lot:
  • Introductions About the ESO Classes in Detail [03/12/2016]
    Currently there is 4 classes available to play in the Elder Scrolls Online. Widely known that the ESO's classes have very different skill trees compared with other MMOs, meaning that a tank class could also spec to be a healer or DPS. And we have mentioned before. Then the following is mainly about a detail introduction to each class:
  • Brief Introduction About the Weapon Types in ESO [03/11/2016]
    To sum up, there are 6 primary weapon types in the Elder Scrolls Online. Your character can use two at a time. And each weapon have a different play style perfectly. Here I'd like to make a brief introduction about the weapon types:
  • Tips for Making Gold in Elder Scrolls Online [03/10/2016]
    Gold plays an important role in the Elder Scrolls Online is well known. For new adventurers, it seems much tougher to get golds. With this in mind, we are going to give all the new players some tips about the gold making, it may work a little bit:
  • Power Level in the Elder Scrolls Online Guide [03/09/2016]
    Feel that your levels are getting harder and harder to achieve? Or your weapon skill has started falling behind? If you simply want to speed your way to 50 or max out a crafting skill quickly, these tips below may help you a lot!
  • Why Play the Elder Scrolls Online [03/08/2016]
    What interests you most in the Elder Scrolls Online? Does the countless stories, infinite adventures or anything else? Well, it seems that there are easily millions of reasons for our play. The following are the four reasons as a whole that may be one of yours.
  • Something New Appeares in the Forthcoming ESO Thieves Guild DLC [03/08/2016]
    Bethesda has announced that the Thieves Guild DLC will come out for the Elder Scrolls Online on March 23 across PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. It's included in any active subscriptions, but anyone without one will have to buy it for 2,000 crowns in the online store.
  • Guide for Thieves Guild Areas in ESO [03/05/2016]
    Travelers to Hew’s Bane and Abah’s Landing must be ever vigilant. Keep your purse-strings tight, for pickpockets, thieves, and swindlers call this corner of Hammerfell home. Or don’t – it’s your coin. Finding the Thieves Guild, though? They’ll find you.
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