5 Essential Add-ons For The Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-09-12 13:43:17
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The Elder Scrolls Online game is one of the most popular MMOs today, with almost 9 million players worldwide. Of course it can be kind of confusing right from the start, as there are so many things and resources to learn, but there are ways to make your experience much more peaceful. While not allowing normal mods to prevent cheating, Bethesda lets your players use add-ons, which basically change surface elements of the game to improve certain aspects. To find out some of these essential Elder Scrolls Online essential add-ons, just check out our list below!



5. Combat Metrics


Combat Metrics is more geared towards gamers who really want to know their combat statistics, either to improve their skills or to share with their friends in the game.


With it, you will know how much damage each attack has done, how much damage you have taken, how much healing has received and several other major damages.


4. Destinations


Even if you've just played some Elder Scrolls Online, you may have realized that there are many locations that only appear on the map after you pass through them and "discover" them. Although it is an interesting system at first, this can be annoying when you really need to be in a specific location and do not know where it is yet.


To resolve this, the Destinations add-on has been created. It basically shows all important locations directly on your map, but with a dark icon for you to know you have not yet discovered them by yourself.


3. Master Merchant


Master Merchant is an almost mandatory add-on if you want to make lots of money by selling your items in Elder Scrolls Online. It synchronizes the data of all your guilds that have a store enabled and determines the average price of your items according to what was sold in them.


Thus it is easy to know the fair price and which items are most in demand or which are rarer. It is only a little heavy, so it is recommended to activate it only when you want to sell something yourself.


2. Lorebooks


For those who want to raise the level of the Mages Guild's skill line, one of the fastest ways is finding and reading the lorebooks spread by Tamriel.


The problem is that this can be extremely time consuming when you have no idea where they are. To solve this, simply use the Lorebook add-on, which shows the location of all the unread books on your map.


1. Skyshards


This is one of the most downloaded add-ons in the game, since it shows the location of all Skyshards in all the different regions of Tamriel. As you may know, Skyshards serve to give you skill points, which can then be used to unlock an active, passive, or supreme skill for your character.


Since you need three Skyshards to get a skill point, it's helpful to have a map that makes it easy to find them.