A Detail Guide To The ESO Commodity Exchange

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-08-06 11:34:48
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After spending quite a bit of time using the Commodity Exchange for fun and profit, We've decided to throw together a basic but hopefully helpful guide to some of the things I've learned over a few hundred transactions on the Commodity Exchange (hereafter referred to as CX).



The commodity exchange is essentially a player run auction house specifically for crafting materials, consumables and other odds and ends that don't fit the Auction House. Here you will find leather, meat, cloth, runes, crystals, ores, food, medishots, runes, bones, relics, catalysts and other such items. It is divided into four separate tabs which we will explore individually and which can be used to accomplish a number of different tasks. This can be your best friend whether you're trying to find materials for crafting, make some money from gathering, play the market or simply make a bit of extra money from questing. In this guide we will cover how to buy and sell items in the CX, what buy orders and sell orders are and how to use them and a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your encounters with the CX.

The buy now tab is the first tab on the CX. It's primary use is to buy items quickly. This is the fastest way to obtain any of the items available on the CX. It is also the most expensive. The Buy Now tab displays items that have been put up for sale by others. The price displayed shows the lowest price for one item of that particular type. Mousing over the i icon will show you the price of the cheapest item, the average for the cheapest stack of 10 items and the average price for the cheapest stack of 50 items. This does not mean that there are 50 items available at that price, but rather the average you will spend per item if you were to buy 50.

Buy Order is the second tab of the CX. A buy order is essentially an open order in which we determine the number of items we want to buy and the highest price you are willing to pay for them. The number on the left determines the quantity we want to purchase, the number on the right determines the highest price we are willing to pay up to the quantity we want. In our previous Exile Corpse example, let's say that our Buy Now did not go through and there weren't enough of these items to make the profit we wanted. So creating a Buy Order for 30 Exile Corpses at 45 silver 77 copper will mail us any Exile Corpses available for 45.77 silver or under and leave an open order for anyone willing to sell this item at 45.77 silver or under.

Sell now is the third tab of the CX. Sell Now is a transaction in which someone who has an item sells it at the highest possible price as dictated by the existing Buy Orders for that item. If we use our earlier Exile Corpse example, someone who had 30 Exile Corpses that wanted to sell them immediately would receive 45.77 silver from our Buy Order, provided no other higher orders existed at the time of sale.

Sell order is the fourth and final tab on the CX. A Sell Order is essentially an offer to sell a quantity of items at a price set by the seller. The number on the left determines how many of the item you wish to sell. The number on the right determines the price per unit you wish to sell at. This is not the case in the Auction House, where the price you set is the price for the stack.

The prices displayed for a sell order is the lowest price one of whatever item is being sold at. Mousing over the i will display the lowest average price that 10 of whatever item is being sold at and the lowest average price that 50 of whatever item is being sold at. Creating a successful sell order depends on two factors. The profit you wish to make on each sell and the time you are willing to wait to make it.