A Detailed Comparison Between Vampire and Werewolf in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-04-17 23:38:17
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Which would you choose, the Vampire or the Werewolf? There may result in a heated debate on it. So you would get disturbed, and now a detailed comparison between vampires and werewolves in ESO is needed.


Well, a better comparison is necessary for your right decision about your character. And here I've also got individual pages dedicated to both in our ESO werewolf guide and ESO vampire guide, so you can pay more attention to this article if you'd like to a more extensive look at each individually.


Strengths Comparison:

Although both the Werewolf and Vampire share some similarities on a very fundamental level, in reality they couldn't be more different. Although both need the player to contract a disease and complete a quest before enjoying the full benefits, once that's done they really begin to distinguish themselves from one another. I've compiled a list below listing each of the skill lines main strengths from a gameplay perspective.


1. Vampire Strengths

· Magicka based attacks

· Can utilize abilities to compliment stealth during combat

· Delivers more potency during night

· Can still use Ultimate slot

· Can still wear weapons / armor


2. Werewolf Strengths

· Stamina based attacks

· Fights well in groups thanks to passive effects and perks

· Has devastating potential for melee damage

· Large bonuses to all combat related stats

· Strong crowd control potential


Weaknesses Comparison

There are many different elements that come into play regarding weaknesses, but many depend on your individual style. For example having a Vampire that's mostly raised stamina during progression can be seen as a weakness but that's a players choice, whereas the actual weaknesses forced upon the two skill lines are not. Hence I've only included obvious weaknesses that are unavoidable for the most part.


1. Vampire Weaknesses

· Weak to Fire (More frequently used than poison)

· Weak to abilities that deal extra damage to undead

· All negative elements are in effect all the time as there's no transformation

· Requires regular enemy encounters to remain at full strength

· Prime target of Fighters Guild members


2. Werewolf Weaknesses

· Weakness to Poison

· Must eat to remain transformed

· Has devastating potential for melee damage

· Prime target of Fighters Guild members


What Will You Choose?

Depending on your personal preference and style, it really is up to you. Personally I feel the developers have attempted to create two similar options but with a variety of potential outcomes. Although both Werewolf and Vampire are tied heavily to stamina and magicka, there's no reason to focus purely on one statistic. It's quite viable to have a magical based character with the occasional stamina point choose to become a Werewolf.


For group play, Werewolves have the advantage. They have stronger AoE attacks, longer crowd - control duration and the ability to buff nearby allies and debuff nearby enemies depending on their choice of morphs. Although Vampires also have access to very similar abilities, they are not as potent and the defense difference between the two means Werewolves are more suited for taking a beating in a quick group assault.


Vampires however are far better suited to small skirmishes and 1v1 combat, should you spec them in a very traditional sense. In terms of current mechanics, one is not greater than the other. It totally depends on your individual choice, however this choice may be impacted by the community as a whole. You can be sure to expect a wave of poison abilities if one Alliance notices a large quantity of Vampires in the enemy ranks.


Thankfully you can remove the disease, I believe information on this is provided after you complete the initiation mission. If you have any additional details regarding this please post a comment below and your name will be credited in the guide. Likewise if you have other strengths and weaknesses that you feel deserve a mention or more attention, we'd love to hear from you!