A few minor things would fix on ESO Xbox version

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-06-12 01:35:18
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I'm really enjoying the Xbox version of this game. I know logging in can be difficult sometimes but it has gone better than I even imagined. A few minor things I wish they would fix however:



1.Allow us to mark things in our inventory as junk. This is a key component in our ability to manage our inventory.
2.Allow us to key bind on our controller. Switching weapons requires you to take you thumb off the left joystick. A huge no no IMO.
3.Make it easier to add people to your guild. As of right now the only way we can add people to my guild is by manually entering in their gamer tag. It would be so much easier if we could do this from our friends list or as one of the interact options.

I realize that there are many more pressing matters for them to deal with and all in all these are minor matters in what is by far the best game I own on the Xbox :)
I'm adding a few things suggested by more friends'comments below.

1.Combat cloud. I want to see how much damage I do and if my abilities crit. More importantly, I want to see a numerical value representing how much health enemies have. Its a little awkward to fire a dark flare at someone and then run for my life BC their health didn't move.

2.Allow my horse to run while I peak at my map. If I'm running when I pull up my map allow me to keep holding my left stick forward and navigate with my right stick.

3.Show character names as opposed to gamer tags and PSNs. Personally, I'm OK with how it stands now. However, I understand that many players would rather be addressed in character rather than by a gamer tag they created 5 years ago.

4.Display all group members in a way similar to the crown. My guild has been finding a way around this by appointing the person were trying to find to group leader. I understand that in large groups this can be a little annoying but small groups of four should be tagged.