A Peek In To the PVP Systerm Ahead of Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-14 11:19:31
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While the majority of the fanbase is delighted that the Elder Scrolls franchise is coming to PC, there’s always a pinch of doubt whether this game will make it big. How big will this game be? Will it be another epic blockbuster like Skyrim with puns thrown left, right and center? Or will TESO bring something fresh and engaging?


In a freshly published article by The Guardian, an interview with the game’s director Matt Firor allowed readers a sneak peek into ESO’s PvP combat mechanics and gameplay.

PvP is a large scaled environment allowing players to engage in hectic combat. In TESO, it’s no different; there are 3 Alliances players can play. Within PvP, the more people participate in the battles the more Alliance Points they receive. With Alliance Points, players can unlock more abilities to be used in the battlegrounds. Also similar to other mmos with PvP modes, equipment will be standardized. Regardless of the players’ class or race (which will have their stats boosted to the max), players can use any type of equipment according to their choosing. That doesn’t mean players are restricted to one type of equipment, as noted by Firor

What makes The Elder Scrolls Online different is the fact developers go beyond making the game mirror other PvP based games. For every character established in ESO, players have the ability to create their own build and (through trial and error) find the best build most suitable the player’s style. Every character will contain their own set of skills and with the inclusion of racial abilities, buffs will make the character stronger and hard to beat.

Needless to say, PvP in TESO will be massive. ESO will feature a PvP ground in the central zone of Cyrodiil where up to 2,000 players will participate. On screen players will witness 200 players in a melee battle against each other shooting spells and hurling weapons across the battleground.

Lastly, Matt added: In addition to boosted stats, players will have the ability to enchant weapons. For Skyrim players, the ability to enchant items will make an appearance in TES: Online.More information has yet to be revealed during or after the beta testing phase.However,for what is now known ,the team is working on making PVP fun and engaging for everyone in The ElderScrolls Online.