A Review of the ESO Nightable Class

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-10 05:15:54
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Nightblade is the assassin class in Elder Scrolls Online. He uses the advantages of shadow and night to perform sudden attacks and deal a lot of damage from stealth. Hidden attacks are always unexpected and each attack from stealth deals extra damage and stuns the target. They are friends of the night and like to use magic to weaken their enemies.Anyone choosing the Nightblade class will be able to stealthily sneak up on enemies and deal massive amounts of backstab damage.


Nightblades are best equipped with a set of medium armor. Medium armor does not offer the assassin the same amount of protection that heavy armor does, but its lightweight profile allows silent movement, which decreases the risk of detection when sneaking about. Medium armors also give stamina bonuses, so the Nightblade can remain in stealth mode for longer periods of time.

As any other class in Elder Scrolls Online, Nightblade has three lines of class skills. With the Different skill lines achieving different goals. You can focus on one line to receive the maximum effect from a path, or, you can mix different abilities as you like. Thus you can make your own unique class according to your playing style. There are three skill lines that a Nightblade can master:

Assassination:focused on dealing a lot of damage and killing low health targets. It is a line for aggressive fighters who prefer face to face combat.
Shadow:consists of skills that allow you to use stealth and invisibility with maximum effect. It is a line for those who like to hide in the shadows and perform sudden attacks.
Siphoning:allow the use of DoT skill and self healing.The general feature of this line is that is transfers the strength of your enemy to you.It makes you stronger while the enemy becomes weaker.
Khajiit:possess some of the skills naturally—their innate ability to sneak around and pounce with feline power and agility embodies what the Nightblade class is all about.
Redguard:The Redguards are best known for their dexterity as outright warriors, and while that might not seem like a great fit for a class named NIGHTblade

One of the main resource pools for Nightblade is Stamina. This resource is necessary to maintain stealth mode so each assassin must have enough stamina. Do not forget that you will require it to interrupt enemies and perform special attacks, as well as for breaking out of stuns. So make sure your stamina pool is deep enough for sneaking and fighting. Medium Armour gives bonuses to stamina regeneration which is one more reason to wear it.Want to know more information about The ElderScrolls Guide pls keep your attention to our site updating.