All Elder Scrolls Online Horse Mounts Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-06-10 16:05:30
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What's your mounts in Elder Scrolls Online? Different ESO horse have different properties when you choose one and change the horse appearance different to make your mounts different with others in ESO maps. Upgrade your horses also can run faster, sprint longer, or carry more without expending your own skill points.

Buy different types of Elder Scrolls Online Mounts
Go to the Stables to buy your mounts in all the main cities fo Tamriel. You can buy 4 different types of horses if you are elder scrolls online Standard Edition player, Common Horse, Draft Horse, Gaited Horse and Light Horse. If you are elder scrolls online Digital Imperial Edition player, you can buy 5 types horses in NPC, add a Imperial Horse is part of an exclusive collection of digital content.

What's more, there is a special ESO Palomino Horse only buy in ZeniMax Store with $14.99 if you like this impressive mount. The purpose of the horse is to replace the Imperial White Horse for players who do not wish to purchase the whole Imperial Edition, the functionality of both horses are the same including statistics.

Common Horse is the cheapest horse with 17200 ESO gold at stables, good for the starter house that can be upgraded with Food.
Draft Horse for enjoy looting everything in creation players, because it is the only mount with extra storage capacity.
Gaited Horse for enjoy constantly sprinting players, not auto-work.
Light Horse for prize a faster resting speed without sprinting players, can auto-work.
Imperial Horse cost 1 gold only for imperial edition players and is white not brown color.

Feed and Change Your ESO Horse Armor Appearance

Feed your house to increase its stats and level it up. There are 3 food type you can choose, each food purchase for 250 gold and feed it every 20 hours, you can feed up to a maximum of 50 times, permanent and cumulative.

Apple: +1% Speed
Hay: +1 Stamina
Oats: +1 Capacity

Horses armor appears as you level to 50 and horses change in appearance depending on how you level them. Adding inventory space gives them saddle bags, speed makes them longer and more agile in appearance, stamina makes them more muscular and adds armor.

When the stamina stat is 0, you will let down dismount directly. So when the mob or player attack you, you should dismount directly, do not let downed dismount, because the times is the mob or player control you time from you get down to get up. Note, holding down the Shift key to sprint though consume your stamina, when the stamina reached 0, it still sprint as long as you always holding down the Shift.

If you play PVP, choose increase Speed stat to improve your support speed in battlefield. If you play PVE, choose increase Carrying stat to make your inventory space more and more, also can save you time in the game. If you have enough money, recommend buy two horse, PVP horse and PVE horse.