All You Should Know About the Nightblade

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-17 16:58:42
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To be exactly, the Nightblade class is a powerful DPS class. Then the DPS stands for damage per second, which means someone who can deal, but not take lots of damage but can't defend. A Nightblade is able to dish out large amounts of damage while using stealth to remain hidden and out of the line fire of enemies. They are also able to take on multiple enemies if leveled correctly. The details may like this:



It allow the Nightblade to do damage while also disabling and confusing the enemy, the Shadow skill tree is more of a DPS / support class. It also allows the player to take advantage of Stealth, letting them disappear from view to line up the best possible attack.



Like you might expect, this skill tree is all about dealing tons of damage. The skills are centered around dealing damage or buffing your character to increase your attack speed, and the passive skills will further increase your power through critical hit increases.



All about sustaining the player, the Siphoning skill tree allows the player to constantly regenerate their own resource pools while draining it from their enemy. This skill tree is great for the player who wants to be the lone wolf and battle targets 1 on 1.


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