Analysis of Crafting skills in the Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-06-28 16:14:42
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No MMOs would be completely without some Crafting. In Elder Scrolls Online, the crafting system is very stream lined, allowing every player to fling himself into and build themselves’ items.


ESO Crafting System offers adventurers choices and options of all description. Whether you want to be a master crafter or you just like to have some helpful buffs as you play, you’ll find exactly what fits your Personal style.
Although there is no restriction on how to distribute your points, to level every skill for every craft is close to 140 skill points, so practically you can only level up 1-2 crafts as these are the same skill points used to level your class, race, armor, weapon, and other skills for your character.

Evidently, each craft is different. Provisioners find recipes and ingredients all over Tamriel, and they can cook or create drinks if only they have a recipe and the corresponding ingredients. Enchanters and alchemists will need to try laboriously, discovering the traits of ingredients or the meanings of runestones.

Moreover, choosing skills wisely and not "gimping" your character is something to consider. The only way to level your crafting skill is via actually crafting items for that craft or deconstruct items made by that craft. Once the skill is a high enough level you will be capable of putting a skill point into it, allowing you to access new tiers of crafting.

ESO Crafting Guides
This skill line permits you to create potions.
You will be able to craft heavy armor and weapons with this skill.
The opposite of Blacksmithing, Clothing lets you create light and medium armor.
This isn't a craft exactly, but more of an enhancement process.
This skill allows you to create meals that provide buffs to the player who eats them.
This skill doesn't produce armor, but allows you to make bows and shields out of various types of wood.

It’s the same situation in all of the above 6 skills, the higher you become the better materials you will be able to work with.

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