Assistants Price Coming to the Crown Store Beyond Expectation in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-29 05:06:37
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In the Elder Scrolls Online, players across all three of the game's alliances are currently enjoying the latest Thieves Guild DLC. Those with a penchant toward stealing, pickpocketing and other nefarious acts are now able to pick up the DLC to partake in repeatable quests for the Thieves Guild and work their way up the guild through its story campaign.


One of the new features added to The Elder Scrolls Online with the launch of the Thieves Guild DLC are Assistants. These account - wide NPCs can be summoned by the player to offer their specific service in lieu of a non - combat pet. After completing all of the Thieves Guild DLC main story missions, players are rewarded with a smuggler Assistant named Pirharri that will fence stolen items for the player; although, she does keep a little bit of the profit. However, the player no longer must visit, and zone to, an Outlaw's Refuge or the Thieves Den to fence their items.


Two more Assistants are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, though, with their own services to provide to players. Later this week, two new Assistants will be available in the Crown Store offering up two new services to players while adventuring. Tythis Andromo is a Banker while Nuzhimeh is a Merchant. These two new Assistants can only be purchased from the Crown Store, and developers of the game announced their Crown Store price today. According to the official website, these Assistants are 5,000 Crowns.


Tythis Andromo the Banker will let players and their group members access their personal banks, however, guild banks will not be accessible from this NPC. Nuzhimeh acts a personal merchant for a player, and his or her group, willing to take any extra items off the players’ hand at full vendor price. Nuzhimeh will not accept stolen goods, though, that is restricted to Pirharri and she will not repair gear. Neither Assistant can be summoned in Cyrodiil.


Although all Assistants offer great utility and the option to skip sometimes lengthy load screens, their restrictions are paramount when considering the 5,000 Crown price.


In The Elder Scrolls Online, that number of Crowns ends up equallimg about $36 if the largest Crown bundle is purchased at 5,500 Crowns for $40. Players with an active subscription to the game receive the full amount of the cost back as a Crown stipend. Basically, subscribing to the game at $15 each month means that a player also receives 1,500 Crowns with their subscription each month. At 5,000 Crowns, that is over three months' worth of stipend for these account - wide convenience NPCs.


As the Inquisitr reported, these Assistants are expected to show up in the Crown Store on March 31 across all platforms. Many other new Crown Store items are available now, too. Players can pick up the new camel mount, for instance, for 1,800 Crowns. The Pirate Costume Pack, including three account - wide costumes is just 700 Crowns. The 5,000 Crown cost for Assistants seems rather high even though there is some confusion about that price.


Many players are inquiring on the game's official forums if that cost applies to a bundle including both the Assistants or to each of them individually. Even if that is the cost for both as a bundle, it is still likely to shock a few players, and some purchasers might not want both Assistants for that price. After all, 5,000 Crowns is usually the cost of digital collector's edition DLC or the cost of items that can also be found rarely in game, like the Imperial motif.