Best ElderScrolls Online Gold Farming Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-02-14 05:54:45
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Gold farming is a necessary profession in most games, and the same is true for Elder Scrolls Online. Players need money for their characters, but who can get that gold the easiest? Many would assume that a Nightblade would be the stealthy money ninja, but most of the time it isn't just about who can slip in and out the quietest. It is about who can kick the most butt, the fastest, without dying horribly. Even then, it is also about who can carry the most stuff.


This means that the best teso gold farming class in the game should be able to quickly kill lots of weaker enemies, while avoiding damage, and be able to carry enough loot to be effective. The Dragonknight may be the best choice. It would seem so, unless you took terrain into effect. Soft enemies that die quickly from being sniped with a bow would be easier for a highly stealthy character to deal with. In that case, a nightblade would work best.

The best thing about the Elder Scrolls Online is that any character can be a highly effective gold farmer if that is the design choice the player wishes to make. An AOE sorcerer character that slaughters large numbers of enemies at once can work if there is room and a safe vantage point for attack. In cramped quarters where the fight is more direct then the Dragonknight might be best.

f the monsters are undead, however, then that is the bread and butter of the Elder Scrolls Online Templar. Take those undead monsters down and sell their ancient loot! It is not really a matter of which class is best, but which location and enemies are best for that class and character build. The key will be to determine exactly what you like to play and then focus on gold farming in areas where your strengths are at their peak.