Best Locations for Grinding in Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-01-21 02:34:17
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Where to Grind?
There are good mob grinding location in just about every zone throughout the game world. However, it is impractical to grin mobs indiscriminately across the game world, although they are spread far and wide. Small areas that have a high concentration of mobs are prime locations for mob grinding.

Overland Locations
Across Tamriel, are many location that are concentrated with mobs. These includes battlefields, ruins, and camps. In these locations, players can destroy large numbers of mobs which tend to spawn pretty quickly. Competing with other players for mob kills is the greatest disadvantage to overland locations.

Dark Fissures and Dark Anchors
Some specific types of overland locations double as some kind of a public event. These small opening to Oblivion are called dark fissures. They spawn several waves of daedra to kill for experience and valuable loot. These fissures spawn at random and are meant to be soloed with a difficult boss in the end. Group events that occur at specific map locations are called dark anchors. Not only do these anchors provide very good loot to visitors, they also provide an organic and excellent group challenge. When completed, dark anchors close and reset after a given amount of time.

Public Dungeons
There are two dungeon types in ESO and one of them is the public dungeon. It is an old concept that is being revived in ESO, although it may seem strange to many MMO gamers. Any player that enter the public dungeon are all together as it is not instanced. It is one of the best places of all to mob grind, the easiest way to farm gold. In a public dungeon, the spawn rate of mobs is very fast. For a competent and on-level character, they can solo most public dungeons. A public dungeon can quickly become money-making machine if you team up with a friend or two.

In ESO, public dungeons works so well because of the game’s looting system. Anyone who is responsible for killing a mob in ESO gets a loot that is instanced privately to them. This means that competing for loot on a team kill is something that players will not need to worry about. The same chance of getting loot drops is given equally to every player who participated. The ones who will excel the most in public dungeons are the ones who character build is focused on AoE. Even if they don’t actually kill anything, they can win the rights to many mob kills.

When there are too many players inside them, public dungeons can become problematic. It becomes less fun with a crowded public dungeon where mobs cannot spawn fast enough and die within seconds. These scenario leaves many players standing around unnaturally, doing nothing, and waiting for the spawn. It is better to go grind elsewhere if you are caught up in an overcrowded public dungeon.

Instanced Dungeons
The more familiar dungeon type is the instanced dungeons. Only a select group of players are allowed inside an instanced dungeon. Group dungeons are mostly instanced dungeons. Since they tend to follow a progression and mobs do not respawn, these types of dungeons are usually not good for mob grinding. Nevertheless, in an instanced dungeon, a player can grind certain high-level boss loot to keep or sell for profit.