Bonus Experience for ESO's Turnning Two Years Old

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-04-01 03:12:34
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The Elder Scrolls Online will turn two years old next week. Any ilk players will be celebrating its birthday with a brief but a meaningful anniversary celebration. Although April 4 will technically mark the PC version of the game's second year, all platforms will join in the revelry of the game's second anniversary starting next week.


On April 3, players of the Elder Scrolls Online can check out the Crown Store in - game for a special anniversary voucher. After picking up this free voucher from the Crown Store, players will start the quick quest called "Ache for Cake." Once the quest is completed, players will be rewarded with a Jubilee Cake which can be found in the Mementos section of their Collections UI. Using the Jubilee Cake will provide a 100 percent experience boost to the player that eats it.


Since the Jubilee Cake is a Memento, all characters on an account can benefit from it after it is collected. The double experience effect can only be activated during the anniversary week, though. Players will get to keep the Jubilee Cake as a Memento but the experience buff will no longer activate after the revelry ends on April 10. For exact start and end times, be sure to check out the official website.


Luckily, this 100 percent boost to experience can be activated infinitely during the week of the anniversary celebration. The buff it provides only lasts two hours, but players can easily summon the cake to receive the buff again. According to a Zenimax Online employee on the game's official forums, reusing the cake while the buff is already active will merely extend its duration to two hours instead of stacking with itself. To reiterate, this cake Memento will remain in players' Collections after the anniversary ends; however, the experience boost will disappear after the celebration.


While the anniversary celebration does not start until April 3, players have until then to pick up the Jester costume for half off the normal price according to the game's official Twitter account. The Royal Court Jester costume is just 350 Crowns, instead of 700 Crowns, until April 3 due to the April Fools' Day semi - holiday on April 1. Be sure to pick up this purple and grey harlequin costume while it is discounted. Again, that sale will end on April 3 when the anniversary celebration kicks off.


The month of April will continue on after the anniversary celebration with patches to The Elder Scrolls Online and additions to the game's Crown Store. In fact, three new cat companions, new Elven armor, and more are coming to the in - game story during the month. As the Inquisitr reported, two new feline pet companions are incoming alongside a new lion mount. The Moonlight Senche - Tiger and the Senche - Lion Cub will follow players around Tamriel to keep them company while the Pride - King Lion mount can be ridden with honor across the landscape. In April, players will also have a limited time to pick up the Elven Hero Armor, a costume inspired by the Aldmeri hero in the game's cinematic, or the Pale Velothi Guar mount.


Of course, anniversary fun and Crown Store additions are just what is in store for the immediate future of The Elder Scrolls Online. With the release of the Thieves Guild behind them, developers are now focused on fixing any issues the game currently has while working on the game's next DLC. In the second quarter of the year, players can expect a new piece of downloadable content with the Dark Brotherhood as the subject matter. This DLC will take players to the Gold Coast with a new story arc, new gameplay, and much more. According to the official website, when that DLC releases, players can also expect the removal of the game's veteran ranks in favor of the Champion System.