Boost Experience To Level Up In The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO-GOLD Date: Aug/12/17 13:54:32 Views: 1619

In this article, I'll give some small tips for leveling up by boosting experience.



Doing quests and dungeons is almost the best way to level up. You can gather many items what can maximize the potential of your characters.


• Skyshards for Skill Points

• Level Undaunted Skill Line

• Lorebooks for the Mages Guild

• Help you unlock wayshrines for easier map movement.

• Books on bookshelves can level up skills or give you lorebooks


Gain more experience by playing in a party of 2, getting Ring of Mara, becoming an ESO Plus member, obtaining XP Scrolls/Psijic Ambrosia, training gear.

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