Building A Cozy Home In Elder Scrolls Online With Update 20

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-12-07 14:51:05
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Building A Cozy Home In Elder Scrolls Online With Update 20


  The update 20 of Elder Scrolls Online has already provided two important quality-of-life improvements for Tamriel's home decorators. So please read and learn how you're able to manage your home furnishings better.





  New tools added in Update 20 include: An undo and redo function, the ability to link and move multiple items.

  Undo And Redo

  This new function allows you to immediately revert or restore a change you've made while furnishing your home. When decorating this home, you can undo and redo up to 200 steps back during a single session. That means you can almost rewind your work back to any previous state. And for the undo function will even return furnishings to your inventory for you. That's pretty easy, huh?

  One of ESO's System Designers, Cullen Lee, told us: “Often, when I get into a new home (especially if I get into a furnished version of it) I think it's really nice and don't want to touch anything, but now, if I don't like my new placement, I can just jump it back.”

  Item Linking

  Once you have the new linking function, you can link many groups of items together in order to shift around an entire scene. That's so different experience compared to the former version. Previously, when you want to move a scene, you have to move each individual item one-by-one. But now, you can select a "parent" item and then link it to up to 50 “child” items, allowing you to move all of them at once. And what's more, you can even select those “children” and link more objects to them. To make sub-groups for ease of editing.

  When hovering over an item, you can select the link option to choose which items to pair together. When you move that first item, then everything else would come with it. However, you can still tinker with the individual “child” items and then move them around as much as you like without upsetting the whole scene.

  Cullen told us: "The goal with linking was to allow players to adjust their creations without having to move every furnishing individually, for example, with a gaming table, you might have 30 or more individual items that make up that scene. Trying to move them one at a time isn't fun, and you aren't guaranteed to move everything perfectly. Now, you can move your whole scene quickly and accurately!"

  Finally, when you work at home, all of your recent actions are shown in a list named "History," this would help you keep better track of all your changes and additions.

  Build A Cozy Home

  With the Housing Editor tool, players in ESO community love to build elaborate, creative scenes. And now with this improvements, all the players will be able to use the editor more easily and confidently. In the game of ESO, any move you make can be reverted instantly and any complicated scene you make can also be moved around easily. So how do you feel about these Housing Editor changes?