Changes in the latest ESO Tamriel Unlimited patch

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-05-06 13:48:28
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ESO Tamriel Unlimited V2.0.2 has been released before the launch of ESO console version. There are changes for the game in the latest ESO Tamriel Unlimited patch. The changes concentrate on dismounting, Fear effects dropping you through the world, boosts several Dwemer-area lootable containers, and more. Moreover, this patch has closed the Morihaus campaign in the game. The size of this pathc is 240 MB with English.



Details of ESO Tamriel Unlimited V2.0.2' changes
1 All players have a chance to choose a free home campaign.
2 Monsters spawned from Dark Anchors can display the proper effects.
3 Some issues of ESO combat and gameplay has been fixed.
4 Players who are levitated by Fulminating Void ability can be damaged by Mezeluth's Fire in ESO Veteran Dungeons.
5 There is improvement for ESO Exploration and Itemization. For example, the number of lootable Dwemer containers has been increased in plenty of locations. The number of Inner Sea Armature containers and Santaki containers has been increased by 50%. The number of Razak's Wheel containers, Lower Bthanual containers, and Yldzuun containers has been increased too.

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