Detail guide to make suit in ElderScrolls online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-05-05 03:33:51
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Online gamers certainly is no stranger to suit, suit has a suit properties, the same set of equipment and equipment a number to activate the corresponding suit effect,it is the same to ESO suit.But the appearance of ESO suit does not necessarily have a complete set of copies (of course those by specific BOSS drops in the suit often modelling is complete), because there are quite a few kinds of ESO's suit is made by the players themselves, and make out the equipment appearance is determined by the players.ESO suit is the most basic 3 sets, upgrade and four and five times.Below is the full level elite dungeons (Veteran Dungeon) fall in the suit, from the equipment itself and set attribute we can see that this is a partial PVE tanks and equipment:



ESO has as much as the copy up to 16, as a result of the players in PTS take too little, I don't say elite level, ordinary didn't play a few, so here we have the copy of the first drop of set aside, mainly introduce the player himself can make suit, also is in the wild manufacture points of suits.

When to make suits should pay attention to the following points:
1.Suit at present in some manufacturing has a special icon on the graph, and some on the drawing the eye shape point of exploration, after the games officially open service is expected to fix this, unified use suit manufacturing point of exclusive icon.

2 Suit manufacturing attributes can be added to any except jewellery and fashion on the armor and weapons, and don't limit the quality of the equipment or material, for example, you can in the most advanced manufacturing point on the map to create a minimum level of iron, iron on attributes will still have this suit, only a specific attribute values and subject to change according to the quality of the equipment, note that numerical ascension will merely because of the quality, no effect on the material.(material refers to the materials used for manufacturing equipment, such as iron, steel, ebony, epic quality refers to the excellent excellent green blue purple, etc.)

3.The only limiteto make Suit is that every suit has acquisition characteristics of fixed quantity requirement, and each species requirements are separate parts or equipment, such as a suit requirements has acquired three features, so you can only make the same parts has been studies by three features of above equipment。