Do You Like Dragons From the Elder Scrolls Online: Legends

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-06-27 15:50:59
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Legends of the upcoming "horizon hero" expansion has caused some fantasy franchise the most enthusiastic supporters of the sensation. This includes a card that describes the scrolls of the ancient scrolls V: skyline Alduin's dragon villains.



From a commentary titled "A (courtesy) four foot dragon digital dragon" criticism that the card art may be misled. The author asked whether the developer Dire Wolf Digital could correct these errors and even offered several potential solutions.


The main question is about the number of dragons in the ancient scrolls; that is, the scrolls of the ancient scrolls have two hind legs, and then grab the wings instead of the forehead. Historically, this type of creature is called a hut, but on the scrolls of the Eve, they have been long. However, in the two sky heroes card, in addition to wings, but also shows the four legs. Which in itself will make a fan feel depressed, but the aforementioned Alduin card is one of them.
Not a huge fan realized that Alduin was sketched with two legs in the Skyrim game, so giving him four cards in his hand was quite strange. However, card art is very similar to Alduin's fans.



Another criticism from the recent "Elder Scrolls: Legends" is around a voice called Dova, Dova is Dov or Dovah's spelling mistakes, depending on the diversity. Even though ZeniMax Online's "Elder Scrolls" and "Terror Wolves" of the Elder Scrolls: Legends continue to fight legitimacy with the community, these and other issues may push the fans of the scrolls to leave.


There is always a chance that the "horizon hero" card art is not final, or that "Rot Wolf Digital" turns around and the art is relatively fast. But now it seems that the current tradition and the upcoming expansion seems to have been disconnected.


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