Earn Fast ESO Gold From Elderscrolls Online Update 1.6

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-01-10 00:29:37
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You know there are many changes in ESO update 6 from the Dec. 19, 2014 interview, so how do you earn money by these changes in patch 1.6? 



First, the biggest change is the ultimate point, many skills and spells will no longer be given the ultimate points for big skill, instead you will give a buff in light attack and heavy attack, this buff will give you energy points for ultimate skill every X seconds, so personal think these equipment that can help you get ultimate points would become hot, you can start to hoard them and wait for the arrival of ESO version 1.6 that will have a very good income.


Second, with the version of ESO change, it is inevitable that you need update your equipment and items, so you can collect some upgrade materials now, this is also a very good way to earn money.

Third, this is a predicted that I found the update of potion and food very little in so many updates, maybe will update the recipe of food and potion, do not worry to use this method until the PTS out.

OK, hope all ESO players can earn much ESO Gold in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online 1.6, eso-gold.com would keep offering some useful news and guides for you. Enjoy.