Easy tricks to get rich in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-07-28 03:23:53
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Recently,we've seen so many posts with people complaining about having no eso gold or that 'something' is too expensive. Well we are here to tell you that those days are gone, prepare to get rich (no hacks, cheats or bots needed).Here we go!



Step One - Professions and Free stuff
Make sure you level your chosen crafting ability. If you intend on wearing plate, then make sure you level plate. Same with cloth and leather (or all three if you are going to diversify) This will enable you to make new gear when you need it and joins on nicely to 'Step two'
The other thing is get hirelings, ALL OF THEM ! Yes you may think this is a waste of skill points, but it isn't, not if your into making gold ! They will send you lots of 'Free Stuff'. some of this will be useful for your chosen profession some will not. Keep what you need and SELL everything else !

Step Two - Throw away gear
While levelling 1-50 DO NOT buy or repair gear, its a money sink and will burn through your gold. Most new players seem to think they need to be in the best gear all the time... NONSENSE !Run your gear down till it is broken (or close) and as I said above DO NOT repair. Get to a crafting station, take off all your clothes and make new gear. That way you do not pay any repair bills.At this point you also have two choices. Firstly you can deconstruct everything in your profession line and level your crafting fast as possible.

Step Three - Farm, Farm, Farm
By this I mean nodes. Nodes are your friends, they are a constant supply of free gold. OK there isn't actually a gold node but its close. Free mats to sell all you have to do is collect them. So do just that, you see any wood, ore, fibres, herbs (anything) farm it and SELL IT ! (unless you need that type).The good thing about materials is they can be stacked in 100s, meaning its easy to collect a lot of them !

Step Four - Increase Bag Space & Step Five - Buy a Horse
Make your bags bigger ! More bag space means you can carry more, means you can sell more = more gold !I'd suggest buying your first couple of upgrades as soon as you can. They are reasonable cheap and you can start mass collecting sooner.

Step Five - Sell items fast on Chat
DON'T BE GREEDY ! If you get a blue item (or even a green from a set) Try to sell it in chat. Just remember to sell it sensibly. Yes you can try to be clever and ask 1000g for that item, but chances are you won't get it. Sell that same item for 150g-200g and you're much more likely to sell it.

Last Step -Quest like a Hero
Questing may not be for everybody, but at levels 1-50 its a good earner. Quests normally give good pay-outs and if you do all the above while you are questing you will soon see your gold total rapidly rise !PvP questing - Cyrodiil also has good quests, repeatable too. So those that are into PvP this is also a good little earner !