Elder Scrolls 6 release date:Initial justice system

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-03-13 15:47:28
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The Elder Scrolls Online released last week its latest patch, which is the sixth and largest content update to the title. The update brought with it several new features while fixing a host of technical issues within the game.


One of the more interesting new features is the Justice System. This system will allow players to commit criminal activities such as theft and murder, and doing so will expose the player to increased scrutiny from town guards, among other repercussions. The developers have indicated that this is only the first phase of the system, and that they plan on improving the system over time.

The patch also brings with it the third phase of the game's Champion System. The system received an overall improvement to its user interface and introduces Champion Points that can be used to activate selected passive abilities for the character. This introduces an additional level of progression for a character after it hits the maximum experience level.

As with all persistent multiplayer gaming worlds where constant tweaking is necessary, the new patch also brings with it changes or rebalances to most abilities. Fashion conscious players can explore the tweaks to the existing armor sets which have been updated to be more distinct. The new armor sets should pair well with the improved combat animations introduced with the patch.

Another important improvement is the Provisioning overhaul. Inventory management gets more and more difficult over time, and the patch aims to lessen the complexity by reducing the amount of available ingredients and recipes. That's certainly a welcome change as it allows the players to more easily manage their inventory with the essentials.