Elder Scrolls Gold making strategy

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-21 16:07:17
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Times fly!The Elder Scrolls Online will be released in less then one month! Even through The Elder Scrolls Online doesn't release yet for now ,it doesn't prevent gamers from getting ready to guide us through the game once it out.Those who were lucky enough to enter the recently opened beta have already started to write down their experiences,tips and tricks in order to make the best leveling guide avaiable.


Like in every MMORPG crafting makes a huge part of The Elder Scrolls Online experience.With six different crafting skills in ESO, it also have 6 corresponding skill trees to improve your crafting prowess. These passives enable you to use higher level materials, have a greater chance to extract more valuable ingredients, research two items at once, increase your chance to improve items and even have a hireling automatically bringing you crafting materials once a day.

There are a few certain ways for u to make money with crafting items in ESO
1.Become a weaponsmith.One way to make money in the game is to take advantage of the game's professions system, where crafting skills can be honed into money-making opportunities.One such profession is a weapsonsmith. In this profession, you make weapons of all types from found items and sell them. This can be very profitable.

2.Become an armorsmith.Like the weaponsmith, an armorsmith creates items to be sold. However, instead of weapons to be sold, an armorsmith makes armor (I bet you already figured that out, though). Both of these job tracks are especially helpful for Dragon Knights and other armor-reliant classes, as making your own armor and weapons can make you money by saving you money, in addition to the money you make from selling stuff you don't need.

3.Become an enchanter.Enchanters are those with the magical gift to bind spells to items. All sorts of items can be enchanted, from armor to jewelry. In the Elder Scrolls universe, enchanting works by trapping souls in gems, and then using those gems to power the spell on an item, so you'll need to be capable of killing higher level creatures if you want to enchant more powerful (and thus more expensive) items.

4.Become an alchemist.Alchemists make potions from ingredients they find or purchase. This may be one of the more profitable professions, once your skills are high, as alchemical ingredients are easily found and turned into potions.

5.Become a provisioner.A provisioner makes food and other supplies in the game, which have effects similar to potions. Food ingredients and wood, like alchemical ingredients, are fairly easy to find.