Elder Scrolls Online Character Guide:Captain Caude

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-08-21 05:43:01
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We know The Elder Scrolls Online has a series of "Meet the Character", and recently we can learn about the information from the Elder Scrolls Online official website that players are going to have the chance to meet Captain Caudex in the journey of Imperial City. We know that the Captain Caudex regard as Imperial military figure in game. You may need cheap ESO Gold to go further level in game. now eso-gold.com provide gamers cheap and safe ESO Gold for sale.



There is a player who presses his experience online with a strong interest. He said that the game is funny even if he had written the article inside the city walls, he just feels like another powerful game all over again. That is to say, enemies all around and there are no officers in the city. The reason to explain this view is that the city lost. The gamer said that he know the Legion is sundered. But in his mind he considers that he can't help but believe just like Caudex lives, since the Empire is invincible.

Now gamers can meet Captain Caudex in person in the Imperial City DLC game pack for ESOTU of the Elder Scrolls Online. The official platforms are as follows.

PC/Mac on 8/31
Xbox One on 9/15
The date:September, 16th

Please check back with the developer of The Elder Scrolls Online with the further information an introduction to Father Egnatius, another character that players may meet in the Imperial City. Remember to gain enough ESO Gold online.