'Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr' This New Chapter Has Launched On All Platforms

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2019-06-05 08:56:51
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Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr

  For a lot of Elder Scrolls Online fans, the latest new Elsweyr chapter now has been available in early access for PC and Mac for the past two weeks but is now releasing out of Early Access and is also officially available for the first time on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting on 4th June 2019. In addition to the enormous new Northern Elsweyr zone itself, meanwhile, this new chapter also introduces dragons as dynamic content in the same vein as Abyssal Geysers and Dark Anchors, a brand new Necromancer class, a whole new twelve-player trial, a totally new public dungeons, delves, and several new quests, new enemies, and much more.


  The Elsweyr predictability picks up right where the Wrathstone DLC (Downloadable Content) left off. In Wrathstone the player collected two halves of the Wrathstone tablet, which connected to the Elsweyr prologue quest that is available for all ESO players. The region now is being invaded by a Necromancer general and it's the time for you to help the native Khajiiti people to fight back his forces. What's more, there are lots of returning characters from the main Elder Scrolls Online storyline as well as total new faces this time. In this new chapter, the Elder Scrolls Online players will also get to dig deeper into the lore and history of this mysterious place, which is one of the oldest places in all of Tamriel.

  Since I play this newest chapter on PC I have had access to Elsweyr for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that I am really impressed. The whole story and the characters seem extremely rich, even more so than those from Summerset, and for the new dungeons and delves are all so great. I have not tried the Sunspire trial yet and I still need to spend more time hunting dragons, but, generally speaking, this is a great new chapter for Elder Scrolls Online, and I have faith that this chapter will get better and better as the months go by.

  In the game of Elder Scrolls Online, Necromancers are a treat to play and their skills carry over very well to the rest of this game's zones. In this game, those Necromancers are not a minion master style of Necromancers like you might have seen in other fantasy RPGs (Role-Playing Game), but are instead concentrated on channeling energy from corpses and raising only a select few minions to perform heals, DPS, and some other functions during this tough battle. Just do not expect to resurrect an army of undead all on your own.

  Along with the Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr release also comes Update 22 that introduces Artifact Weapons for Cyrodiil, a Guild Finder system, and many other small changes to the game as a whole for free to all ESO players.

  The standard edition of Elsweyr costs $59.99 and includes an exclusive Rahd-m'Athra mount, the base game, Summerset chapter, Morrowind chapter, and some in-game bonus content.

  Now the standard edition of Elsweyr costs $59.99 and contains an exclusive Rahd-m'Athra mount, the base game, Summerset chapter, Morrowind chapter, and some in-game rewards content (maybe the reward includes plenty of ESO gold, if that's true, then this expense is worthwhile, don't you think so?)