Elder Scrolls Online Guide - How to Find All the Summerset Skyshard Locations

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-08-18 10:47:49
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The newest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online is dubbed Summerset, taking us to the land of the High Elves out to the West of Cyrodiil. Within this Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Skyshards guide, we'll be walking you by means of how to locate the complete list of Summerset Skyshard areas, so you'll be able to track down all the elusive collectible things across the island as smoothy as possible. 




Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Skyshards Guide

We should really firstly note that Skyshards are found in each the base version of The Elder Scrolls Online, and the Summerset expansion. The Skyshards are dotted all more than the entire map of Cyrodiil, and each time you discover a single, you will obtain one-third of an Ability Point, which you are able to then take and use to either unlock a brand new or upgrade a current, Talent. At this point, you'll find tons of Skyshards scattered across mainland Cyrodiil and in the lands that the various expansions for the game take the spot, but in this guide, we're focusing particularly on the Skyshards identified on Summerset Isle. 



There are a total of eighteen Skyshards scattered across the island in which the Summerset expansion requires location. In the list just under, we’ll guide you to all eighteen Summerset Skyshard areas, so you can obtain a total maximum of six new Skill Points for acquiring all the collectibles spread out across the island. 


Summerset Skyshard Places

Oleander Coast Winery - Found in the western portion of the Summerset map, in the northern map of the town of Alinor. The Skyshard is identified overlooking the Oleander Coast Winery. 

East of Cey-Tarn Retain - Placed amongst some egg-shaped stones, next to a flower bed.

⒊ Peninsula beneath Cathedral of Webs - Situated in northwestern Summerset, the Cathedral of Webs is located north of Lillandril. 

⒋ Beach north of Karnwasten - Karnwasten is a public dungeon in the north of Summerset, and you’re looking for a viper along the coast. 

⒌ Narrow plank walkway camp - North of the King’s Haven Pass Wayshrine, situated on a wooden plank forming a bridge. 

⒍ Falls overlooking Shimmerene - Shimmerene is really a town in the east of Summerset, and all you are searching for is a small pool of water on the map simply to the northwest. 

⒎ Maintain of the Eleven Forces ruins - Positioned in the eastern portion of the map, appropriate in the middle of a bridge next to some rubble. 

⒏ South from Eastern Pass Wayshrine - You will need to get on the island just off the most important Summerset Isle to the south and east, then head to the really southern prime of the island. 

⒐ South of Russafeld - West from the town of Shimmerene, the Skyshard is discovered in the first of three ponds just off from a waterfall. 

⒑ Sea Keep’s bridge - The Sea Preserve is in western Summerset, you’ll need to get under the keep’s substantial northern bridge to discover this Skyshard. 

⒒ Karnwasten’s Cove - The Cove itself is really a public dungeon in northern Summerset, and you need to head for the big beach location in the middle of the cove. Here, you'll be able to locate the Skyshard just south of the biggest boat. 

⒓ Sunhold town - Sunhold is really a public dungeon in southwest Summerset, and you’ll want to produce it to the northwestern a part of town to attain the Skyshard atop the bridge. 

⒔ King Haven’s Pass - You will desire to head towards a campfire in the middle of King Haven’s Pass, where you will obtain the Skyshard inside a barrel. 

⒕ Eton Nir Grotto - This Grotto is often a solo dungeon in northeastern Summerset. As soon as in the cave, you may need to locate the smaller space in the western portion of the cave, and inside it lies the Skyshard. 

⒖ Archon’s Grove - Retain to the left as you go into the dungeon, and at the really finish of the river and the start off of the waterfall, you will locate the Skyshard. 

Tor-Hame-Khard - Attain the southern part of the solo dungeon, and you can locate the Skyshard in the northern corner of a cave area. 

Wasten Coraldale - As soon as you’re in the boat and have entered the solo dungeon, hold going ahead to the left until you attain the shore. Right here, you are able to uncover the Skyshard among trees near the edge of the cliff. 

⒙ Traitor’s Vault - Firstly, you will need to finish the Queen’s Decree principal quest, and enter this solo dungeon within the Artaeum map location. Inside the dungeon, you will have to have to defeat a Bone Colossus to claim the Skyshard.


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