Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Comments: Bitter back to Vvardenfell

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-07-18 08:21:01
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Morrowind, the latest expansion of the game, brought the players back to the last century on the scroll scrolls of Vvardenfell strange island, is a great show, since then MMO how far. But it also reflects the ESO still suffer the core duality.



On the one hand, this is a favorite fantasy world view, that is, Tamriel - like Skyrim and Oblivion such popular role-playing game stage, on the other hand, it is a large multiplayer online game, such as "World of Warcraft". While the potential of these factors is to make these factors produce good things and make a fantastic game, they also clash.

I like to rediscover the area, especially since the game took place hundreds of years before the scroll volume, so the familiar city is still under construction, and the key factions are obviously different. The starting town of Seyda Neen's layout and features are particularly burned in my brain and are faithfully restored here, and there are many on the island.



Like the rest of the game, the heart of Vvardenfell's experience is to ask you to complete the task and then send you to someone else who has a long journey from one place to another. This is one aspect of the MMO that I usually feel very tedious, but the writing and characterization here makes me feel many times. It helps to appear on the road with many ancillary tasks frequently appearing, several of them very well.


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