Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel Good Impressions

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-02-09 14:30:46
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Players like ESO game. The latest update One Tamriel brings great changes and brings players together. Apprently, this update gains most good impressions, even though there are issues. Players have good impressions for the below several reasons. 


The loot scaling, and not having groups of NPCs in starter zone fall over with one shot. Performance is better than I expected, even in the busy spots like Raw'laka (although definitely some lag there). From a technical perspective, this is a HUGE update and I have had zero issues with update, login, graphics, launching, and so forth.


Leveling experience is much better composed from the onset when compared to its original form. When you make a character and hop into the game, you are now ushered from quest to quest in a way that feels tight and consistent. Learning the ins and outs of gameplay and living in the world of Nirn is made easy, allowing you to get the most out of your experience whether or not you want to read a wiki website from start to finish.


Many of the skill choices have been adjusted to be more balanced, presenting more difficult decisions when figuring out where you want to place your skill points.


One Tamriel is like member berries minus anything to actually member, promoted as a no-borders sandbox experience while simultaneously dumping crown store alliance pride on you. It's also a crowning achievement of the beta testing argument, as this is probably the game that should have been released two and a half years ago. Or the reason to delay the game just as long.


There are so many little details that are better than the original version, too. For example, being able to trade BoP loot to group members in dungeons, the addition of scrolling combat text, and more exciting quest rewards. The quality of life of the minute-by-minute experience has seen drastic improvement.


On the contrary, players do have disappointments. What impressions do you have for One Tamriel? Share your ideas.