TESO News: Elder Scrolls Online Update — The Final DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack Dragonhold Is Officially Released

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2020-03-04 17:37:16
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Final DLC Pack Dragonhold In Elder Scrolls Online Has Released

  Now you can sharpen your mighty swords and then gear up your character with advanced equipment for the final fight, because, you know Dragonhold now has already been launched for The Elder Scrolls Online for PC and MAC OS. What about the users on Xbox One and PS4? Well, there's no need to worry about them, cause it will be landed on their respective consoles on 05 March 2020. Users of MAC and PC platforms can log-in into their accounts to venture into the brand new lands of Southern Elsweyr. You might know, when the massive Elsweyr DLC chapter has published earlier last year it featured not only just mighty dragons into this amazing game, it has also introduced the Northern Elsweyr zone and began the season of the Dragon story wherefrom it left off, that continued with the DLC Pack (Wrathstone Dungeon) at the very beginning of the year.


  And What Is New In Dragonhold?

  This DLC pack comes with some new adventures and several modifications to The Elder Scrolls Online. In short, it features a brand new zone to explore, which is also known as a lawless region that is full of bad guys and criminals. With this DLC pack, that means you get able to find an epic new main story to finish, including all new side-quests, delves, dragons, and world bosses await you. An exclusive season of the Dragon Bonus Quests, well, is also included.

  Well, this is a piece of quite good news for those players who are ESO Plus Member or those players who have not can purchase this DLC pack with crowns from in-game Store, and you can earn crowns by using cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold which you can get on eso-gold.com.

  DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack:

  This game delivers this dragon storyline's long-year season to its epic conclusion and in the meantime, includes the following elements:

    *Amazing Rewards (More than just ESO Gold)
    *A New Zone To Explore
    *Challenging Quests
    *Navigate Southern Elsweyr And Then Discover Pellitine

  Ten years ago, a region of Pellitineb was totally smashed by a terrible fire. Those people who remained alive are struggling to survive in the extremely dangerous world to reduce the difficulties and overcome the bandits, slavers, and worse. And there is only a team of survivors hold firm against the chaos. And after that, a team of dragons shows up from the North and start invading the world once again to put it in turmoil.

  This Dragonhold DLC allows you to navigate the new zone, unveil the history, and face off many tormentors. Just as compared to previous DLC Story Zone, you will notice tons of unique quests, delves, vicious monsters, and epic bosses, while embarking on an epic journey full of adventure.

  Restore The Dragonguard:

  The completion of both the Dragonhold DLC and the Elsweyr Chapter in the main story will unlock a series of bonus season of the Dragon Quests that will end up the Epic one-year-long story. During that journey, the most powerful antagonist — what I mean is Dragon Kaalgrontiid, in fact, was not killed, only delayed. The only thing you have to do is help your allies to fend off the dragon from completing their unholy plans before it is too late. You will earn powerful hear as you begin exploring into Southern Elsweyr, finish challenging quests, and then face the Dragon Menace.

  How To Purchase The Final DLC Pack In Elder Scrolls Online:

  This DLC pack is free for all members of Elder Scrolls Online and it can be accessed only spending 2000 crowns. This includes the access to the Crown Experience Scrolls, Dragonhold DLC Pack, Dragon Horse Mount, and the Legendary Dragon Wolf Pet.