ElderScroll Online Guide to Improve Alchemy Level Fast

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-11-17 03:32:00
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As you know it is the most hard to improve the level of Alchemy skill in all of Craft skills, while the passive skill of Medicinal Use (When using potions, resulting effects last 10%/20%/30% longer.) is very cool skill in PVE and PVP. What’s more, it is also great if you want to earn ESO Gold through it, such as the price of a group of VR5 Panacea of Health is about 10K Gold.

Reagents is divided into 18 kinds, there are 4 attributes of each reagents, if you use two different properties of Reagents to craft the potion, it will fail. In order to prevent the craft failure and waste materials,The following is the latest craft potion table with 2 Reagents you can check and download.


Last, where to collect these reagents in the game? Personal strongly recommend for you the Hollow City of Coldharbour. Although the different reagents with the different growing environments, some of reagents will grow in a particular environment, but you can collect most of regents in here. 


Below is the collect line of reagents I like, can get 18 Reagents with a round at least. OK, hope this guide can help you improve Alchemy level, of course, if feel this method is cumbersome, you can choose to buy Reagent directly from players with a large amount of gold. Find us if you lack gold and want to buy ESO Gold and items with cheap price and fast delivery.