ElderScrolls Online Gold Farming with The Best Dungeons Strategy

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-11-07 03:06:40
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Massively multiplayer online games require the players to gain a certain flow and momentum, starting off from a low level with nothing to their name, status or power into becoming a walking powerhouse. The process of doing this has been termed ‘farming’ by gamers and is the most essential core mechanic of any MMORPG. Whether it’s gold, experience, items or materials, a large quantity of these are needed for different gear at different levels. However most MMOs make this a mundane and tiresome task of repeated fetch quests and gathering runs which get boring very quickly, but if you know where and how to farm for things, the game become more accessible, fun and progressive than a series of chores.


Before any locations are mention it should be noted that MMOs usually have one or two locations that are not exactly dungeons, mostly semi-open areas that spawn mobs with a slightly higher than normal item, experience and gold drop rate. Eventually these areas get patched thus the focus should be on effective and efficient farming and not specific areas. With that said, a special mention should be given to ‘Driladan Pass‘ in the Greenshade region of the map, the mobs are constantly spawning and about 30 minutes of grinding the area will get players a few level and a lot of good loot. Hurry up and farm the area before it’s patched.

However, the best places are the actual dungeon areas, be it public dungeons or instances. A common mistake people make is to leave the dungeon after the initial run after the final boss is cleared. Everyone leaves the dungeon to go sell loot and craft new items. This is a very big mistake because the way chest and heavy bags spawn in Elders scrolls online is different from other games.

Not all the chests and bags spawn at the beginning of the dungeon instance but rather over a period of time. This means that in order to be effective and properly farm dungeons players should back track after the mobs are cleared in order to retrieve the newly spawned chests and bags. The percentage gain in loot and experience is around 30%-40% more than what you would carry away if you just left the instance after beating the boss. The extra loot makes every dungeon super profitable especially if you do not get enough loot from the initial run as other are faster to loot than you are. This method is tried and tested and makes any dungeon instance a lucrative run.