ESO Alchemy Guide :How to level Alchemy in ESO efficiently

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-09-05 11:17:57
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One of the Professions in Crafting is Alchemy. today we will give you a good overview of Alchemy in Elder Scrolls Online and it has been put together with the experience of a lot of testers and tests. In this guide you will find information about the basics: what is Alchemy in ESO, how do we level Alchemy in ESO efficiently and a list of the Alchemy reagents.


The Basics
The Alchemy Profession allows you to put ingredients together and create a potion or a poison. These potions and poisons will come in handy during the game and have different powers. Although the Alchemy Profession is not a Profession you’d need as such, it gives you an option to create some potions and poisons that you cannot find in the game world. There is an easy process to grow your own ingredients by farming mini bosses. You can store your ingredients in you Inventory Space. Check here if you want to increase your Inventory Space.

How to create a potion in ESO
For making a potion, you will need at least two ingredients and a solvent. On your journey through Tamriel you will find plants, flowers, herbs and mushrooms, also known as Reagents. They all have a specific effect or Trait. An important part of alchemy is finding out the exact effects of each of the different Reagents. Using that knowledge and combining Reagents is vital in crafting useful potions. Combining the ingredients will also give you experience points towards Alchemy. To find out the specific traits per ingredient, you could start eating them: all traits are unknown when you start. There are 4 traits per ingredient of which you will find out the first one by eating, the rest you will need to experiment to unlock. Mixing ingredients for potions can have different purposes: if you mix 2 ingredients with the same trait, your potion will boost a specific area. For example “Weapon Crit” is a potential effect for Wormwood and Water Hyacinth. If you mix these two, your critical strike rate will boost significantly.

One thing to keep in mind is that ingredients for the potions need at least one shared effect (i.e. Restore Magicka). If you use ingredients that have 2 shared effects (Restore Magicka and Restore Stamina), your potion will have two effects.

You have to be aware that some of the ingredients effects might eliminate certain effects in a potion after mixing. If you use Namira’s Rot+Wormwood+Water Hyacinth, you would create a potion that improves all forms of critical strike and has added ‘Unstoppable’. However Water Hyacinth features ‘Stun’ which makes the potion not capable of Unstoppable, even though Wormwood and Namira’s Rot both have the trait for Unstoppable.

A solvent is the liquid you will use for mixing your ingredients to make a potion. Currently the solvents are water. The different types of water will determine what level your potion is.

When you start, the Alchemy Profession will make you potions for level 3. These types of potions will not be very useful when you level up throughout your game. Each Crafting Profession requires some Skill Points to be of better use of the Profession. When you invest some of your Skill Points, you will see a significant boost in types of valuable potions.

Most other Crafting Professions do not require a lot of Skill Points to create the best items, however I would recommend that you invest your points as an Alchemist to maximize the bonuses in the Skill tree.

In ESO you will increase your Experience (inspiration) by creating potions. The higher level your potion is, the more experience you gain, however it also requires a Skill Point. If you make a new discovery, you will gain an exp bonus. Compared to what you would normally get for creating a potion, the exp bonus is relatively small. If you mix ingredients that will not make a valid potion, it will earn you insignificant exp points. I’d recommend that you would only create these potions to experiment.

You might want to try to create some potions with negative effects as this will bring you a good boost for your Inspiration and it is well worth investing in it.