ESO Crafting Professions And Their Gold-Making Potential

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-07-12 12:20:24
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Crafting in the Elder Scrolls Online is one of the great ways to gain the Elder Scrolls Online gold. Thus, it is very important to learn how to craft in the game.


There are six crafting professions in The Elder Schools Online. These professions appear early in the game at around levels 5-6. Crafting professions aren't taught by an NPC. Instead, each character automatically knows how to craft and can choose which crafts to level. While it's possible to gain skill in multiple crafts, it's only possible to master two crafts.

Alchemy allows players to create potions and other concoctions using herbs and other ingredients. Herbs are found in the world for the most part. All players automatically know how to gather herbs. Alchemists need an Alchemy Station to create potions. To create potions, you combine ingredients and discover new recipes.

Blacksmithing allows players to create heavy armor and metal-based weaponry such as axes, swords and daggers. Blacksmiths need ore that can be mined around the world. All characters have the innate ability to mine ore. To craft new items, players combine ingredients at a Blacksmithing Station. Ore is first crafted into ingots. Blacksmiths, which maybe the richest crafting profession, can create racial armor by using special ingredients as well as improve existing items with tempers and break down items for raw materials.

A Clothier takes raw jute and clothing fibers that are found around the world and creates light armor. They also are able to use leather that drops off enemies to create medium armor. A Clothier needs a Clothing Station. All characters have the innate ability to gather jute. Clothing Stations allow Clothiers to create new armor, create racial armor, upgrade existing armor with tannin and break down armor.

Enchanters create glyphs which are used on weapons and armor to grant the player bonus passive effects and extra attributes. Glyphs are created with runestones, which are found in tiny shrine-type objects around the world. Anyone can loot these. There are three types of runes. When combined in unique combinations, new glyphs and recipes are learned. Enchanters need an Enchanting Station.

Provisioners create food and drink items using raw materials that are gathered around the world or discovered within barrels and crates. Players can begin creating food and drink items as soon as they begin the game. All that's needed is ingredients and a Cooking Fire. Provisioners can even learn new recipes from looking in crates and barrels.

Woodworkers create bows, staffs and shields using wood that's naturally found around the world. All characters can gather wood. Woodworking requires the use of a Woodworking Station. Ingredients are combined to discover new recipes. Players are also able to use resin to upgrade existing bows, staffs and shields as well as break down items for raw materials. Racial woodworking items can also be crafted.

Crafters in TESO will level up their chosen professions using a system that works similar to the EXP system in normal leveling. While crafting and discovering new items, players will gain access to new items to craft and new crafting skills. Some crafted items could be sell at high price in the market. The crafting system at its core is surrounded largely around the notion of discovery.