ESO Crown Crates During Free Trials

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-11-20 05:54:27
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ESO Crown Crates During Free Trials


  Just like what we confused, so many ESO plus members do not know why they can not get the free crown crates, though every day they log in ESO during the free trial period. This makes the ESO plus members very upset and till now the ZeniMax Online Studios, developer of ESO has not given ESO plus members an appropriate explanation. And here are some reactions we collected from our very experienced players.

  One of the explanations is the plus is now 'enhanced' with a midget Molag Bal statue and a re-skinned 3500 crown mount, all of these factors cause we can not get free crates. But some other players think, the new ESO plus 'Reward' system has already replaced it, this makes most ESO plus members treat this as a downgrade rather than an upgrade, cause the mount is way too overpriced. Even with the small discount and the molag bal statue is nice but not that special and has enough attractive.

  But for some supporters would say like this, when given free stuff, complain about its quality and/or size. And when not given free stuff, complain about lack of giveaways. It's really hard to meet both requirements. But at least we can say if you paid to get something, the quality and the service must be guaranteed and it'll level up the happiness when you are playing these games. If you play some free games you can not get the same service as the paid game service does.

  For some non-supporters they would say, here is what we extracted from the Elder Scrolls Online official website, they claim: "we are listening to our valued customers and are thrilled to announce our new system to reward as an alternative" or something. But in short words, they are now giving 1 free trash item every now and then and giving 'special offers' on crown store items... Such as a massive 10% saving on a reskinned mount! (still costs 3500 crowns though), it's really a big expense and really not worthwhile.


  Our view is ESO need to change their business model fundamentally, whoever is in charge needs to realize their business practices are driving people away. Cause it's not easy to get ESO gold and it would increase the ESO plus members expense once the free crown crates can not get during the free trial, if this continues, most players would be forced to leave and by that time, everything is late!