ESO Dragonstar Arena stage one Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-05-21 05:44:16
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In the Elder Scrolls Online Dragonstar Arena, there are ten stages. In each stage, you could find the focus of ESO battles, strategy or notes of the relative stage and Boss combat. Now come to the battles of ESO Dragonstar Arena with cheap ESO gold. Today, we will introduce stage one of ESO Dragonstar Arena.



The focus of ESO battles in ESO Dragonstar Arena stage one
Soldiers with sword and shield and boss can cast Ring of Preservation that is a white protecting circle of Warriors guilds in ESO Dragonstar Arena stage one. Ring of Preservation is useful to keep blood in the circle.

How to handle Ring of Preservation in ESO Dragonstar Arena stage one?
1. ESO Mage can disperse Ring of Preservation by using Negate.
2. Dragoon Fossilize and Chains pull ring
3. Temple pierces javelin.
4. Destructive stick 1

Boss combat in ESO Dragonstar Arena stage one
Boss recruits Dawnbreaker and escape the front fan-shaped area. Boss shield power bash can block and tumble. The Boss remote Sliver bolts are a Vampire Slayer. When DPS see boss turn to them, you’d better block or tumble as much as possible in the Elder Scrolls Online.

To sum up, after you know above information, you must win the battles in the game. If you have enough ESO gold, you will make your character more powerful and you can go through the Boss combat in ESO Dragonstar Arena stage one easily and quickly.