ESO Dungeon Guide:Veteran Darkshade Carverns

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-07 03:17:36
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Darkshade Caverns is the second 4-man group dungeon for Ebonheart Pact players. Darkshade Caverns is located in southeastern Deshaan, just southwest of Silent Mire village. The normal mode of the dungeon is designed for level 20-23 players.It is very interesting dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online, you can find this dungeon difficulty just right, compared to the veteran Fungal Grotto dungeon is too difficult and the veteran Banished Cells dungeon is too easy. OK, share my experience for ESO Darkshade Carverns dungeon guide on veteran mode to you.

BOSS 1 The Fallen Foreman
The Fallen Foreman is a Fire Mage miniboss with a group of adds. This boss will cast a circling fire skill with high damage, the Tank do not DOT basically as long as you do not touch this skill. Other group players clean adds, note these adds will cast all kinds of AOE skills, please do not worry and kill them before make sure you health. Once these adds are clean, fight this boss will be more easy.


BOSS 2 Transmuted Hive Lord
Transmuted Hive Lord is a about 80000 health boss with two mobs has about 30000 health. It is a waste time to kill two mobs with high health, so please set fire to the boss. Boss will cast a AOE damage, not high damage. This boss main feature is high health and resistant, and main attack with its hands.


BOSS 3 Transmuted Alit
Transmuted Alit is the easiest boss in veteran Darkshade Caverns dungeon. Three monster with big mouth with low damage. Note, if the one died and others no die, this one will resurrected with low health after a while.


BOSS 4 Grobull the Transmuted
Grobull the Transmuted is the jellyfish boss, it has many skills, such as Teleport, Reflective Shield, Summon small jellyfish, Electric attack and so on. Boss will give itself a reflection attack shield with a long time, Tank pull and fight it to a side, but should dodge its high AOE damage. The small adds has low damage, DPS can fast clean. Once your group kills adds up to a certain numbers, the boss will collapse a short time in the ground, the DPS should fast attack it in this time. If the DPS attack fast enough, basically 3 times can solve this boss.


BOSS 5 Dwarven Spider, Sphere and Centurion
This is a group Dwarven Spiders, Dwarven Sphere and Dwarven Centurion are stand in the front of the last boss door. Wave after wave of mobs will attack you when you attack them. The dwarven sphere is the biggest threat to you need to quickly clean, the dwarf centurion can make you dead in addition to the Tank, so you group must have a good Tank for this boss, and the group also require a high DPS, or you will be defeated by a steady stream of enemies.



BOSS 6 The Engine Guardian
The Engine Guardian is the big Dwarven Spider boss. There are two sunny place in front and back of the room, once you appear here, the boss will come slowly to kill you. Note, you will be sec-kill once the boss catch up to you, so remote attack is will be safe. In addition, the boss is always between attack mode and defense mode. You can also says there are three mode, green, red and cyan.

Attack mode: its body is red, throw a high damage firebombs to you, need dodge with running or rolling, and do not stand together in this mode. What’s more, this boss will spitfire around itself, the melee need dodge.

Defense mode: when its body is green, cast poison and open 4 wrench to stop poison in middle of the boiler. And will cast a electric damage to you if you attack it. When its body is cyan, will have 4 dwarven spheres with high electric damage. there a few seconds to fight this boss when it switching mode. And there is a boiler in middle of the room, its steam will hurt you from time to time, need you to close the wrench to turn off the steam.

If you do achievement, you can not close any wrench to kill this boss. You gameplay can like this: first, steal attack boss in switching mode time and attack mode, and usually you avoid the firebombs, clean adds, get together add health once the steam comes, whole gameplay process like a state of hide and seek basically. This boss with about 10 million health, boss attack is a move combat, you can not the enough output room basically, it is no problem to kill this boss if look round you and take notice.