ESO Dungeon:Volenfell Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-11 01:55:00
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The Volenfell ESO Dungeon Guide is here for you. This guide will cover the mechanics of each boss fight in the Volenfell Dungeon instance. Make sure you know what each encounter holds in store before you start!

1)Recommended Level Range: 34 – 37
2)Boss Count: 4
3)Quest: Blood and Sand

Volenfell – Quintus Verres and Monstrous Gargoyle Boss Guide
The first boss fight in this dungeon is with Quintus Verres. He has three phases, the first is a melee phase, followed by a ranged phase, and finally he will summon a Monstrous Gargoyle right before he dies.


Phase One: This is pretty much tank and spank, every so often he will do an AoE melee attack in a small radius around himself, tanks can run away or eat the damage with a solid healer. He will also use a power attack that can be blocked.

Phase Two: Around 50% HP, he will move over by a small stack of crates and start casting fire spells on random party members. He will be hitting ranged, so your healer needs to be solid during this phase as well. There will be a lot of AoE fire patches on the ground as well, stay out of these.

Phase Three (Monstrous Gargoyle): Right before he dies, Quintus Verres will summon a large gargoyle down into the fight. He has a power attack that can be blocked, as well as two other abilities — one of them is a frontal AoE roar that can be avoided by a dodge roll. His other ability is multiple stomps on the ground in a larger AoE radius, in a circle all around the boss.


Volenfell – Boilbite Boss Guide
Second in this Volenfell ESO Dungeon Guide is Boilbite. This is a spider boss with three Assassin Beetle adds, which you should get out of the way quickly before focusing down the boss. Boilbite doesn’t do very much, his main ability is a massive AoE explosion that deals tons of damage to anyone within a few yards of the boss. Just make sure you avoid this and you shouldn’t have a problem taking down this boss quickly.

Volenfell – Tremorscale Boss Guide
Tremorscale is a reptile boss with a couple of different moves that are hard to dodge. First, he has a tail whip that will strike those in melee range, he will roar and quickly turn to his side before doing this, so be sure to back out before you get hit. Another ability he has will cause him to burrow underground, and then jump out of the ground dealing massive AoE damage to anyone who is in the area he burrows out through. It is very important that your group splits up and reserves stamina to dodge roll out of this, as it deals quite a bit of damage — enough to cause panic if it hits your entire group.

Volenfell – The Guardian’s Strength, Spark, and Soul Boss Guide
The final encounter in this Volenfell ESO Dungeon Guide is actually three different bosses, The Guardian’s Strength, The Guardian’s Spark, and the Guardian’s Soul. Each one has a unique ability, and there is a lot of AoE damage going on in this fight, DPS should be ready to kite the bosses if needed.