ESO Gold Exploiting has been fixed in Patch 1.05

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-27 11:28:07
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During the past a few days, there are many bugs happening in Elder Scrolls Online, and some players took advantage of the bugs to exploit eso gold and other eso items. The official has found this and now they have fixed the bugs in the new patch 1.05.

The new 1.05 patch has been launched for the Mac and PC versions. As a report from Cinema Blend on April 21, ZeniMax Online Studios had to take down the North America and European servers in order to perform the maintenance and applied the title update. The video game is now able to connect online again.

According to the official forums of the Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax Online Studios also applied a fix to loading screen errors. A few users were apparently getting stuck during certain scenarios, forcing them to exit and reload the game in order to resolve the issue. Several other progress-hindering glitches for select quests were also addressed.

As we know, in the patch 1.04, some players can obtain more ESO gold and experience points after being alleviated from vampirism and lycanthropy. The new title update has corrected the amounts earned, however, returning the numbers to normal. The 1.04 patch was previously implemented to plug up the item duplication glitch.

We suggest those who find the new bug, please just report the bug to the ZeniMax, do not use the bug to exploit, because your account will get banned due to exploiting and then you will lose more.