ESO Guide:How to be an excellent healer to save ESO gold

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-12-17 00:11:50
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Healing is an important role in any Elder Scrolls Online group. Without a dedicated and experienced healer, most ESO gold hunting parties can easily fail. Unfortunately, it is very easy for Elder Scrolls Online account holders to get confused while healing. This is largely because of how the game implements healing. As such, we made a simple guide to help ESO account holders heal their Elder Scrolls Online gold hunting party easier.

Unlike most MMORPGs, there are no targeted healing spells in Elder Scrolls Online. You can have a specific player on focus so you can easily click their portrait and push a button to heal them. Instead, the game employs Smart Healing. Whenever a healing ability is used, the game will automatically target the character that needs the most healing within the spell’s range. This is often the ally with the lowest health and nearest to the healer. While this saves time, it also means your heals may not go to your intended target.

While the game does not allow for character specific targeting, there is still a workaround: AoE heals. If your ally is on the receiving end of sharp Elder Scrolls Online weapons while wearing weak Elder Scrolls Online armor, you’ll want to make sure they get healed. By casting an AoE heal where they are standing, you make sure they get healed.

At this point it is obvious that to be an effective healer, you need to know how to position your TESO gold hunter. Always monitor your group’s health and stand near allies that will need a Smart heal. Additionally, also have an AoE heal ready in case of emergencies.

If you’re not a healer, then make sure you’re well stocked on restorative Elder Scrolls Online items. Be wary of your surroundings and avoid taking on damage and AoEs. Chances are, your healer won’t stand close to you if you’re in the center of an enemy AoE attack.