ESO guide:How to grind leveling in VETERAN RANK fast

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-05-09 03:10:54
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We always heard our customer complained the difficulty of grinding quests in ElderScrolls Online as no exploration veteran points, no chest veteran points, quest veteran points is way lower.Today we will share you something to grind leveling in VETERAN RANK fast.

First things first, open your journal (J) and look and the Cadwells Almanac tab, these are map completion quests that you will need to finish for that faction and move on to the next. These quests give the most XP you will get from questing, roughly 2% of your level. Torches, World Bosses and Dark Anchors will give the same XP so it is advisable to group up with as many people as possible to get these done asap. If you have a skilled group you can grind the 5 man dungeons (We will put walkthroughs up for these later, keep an eye on our youtube channel)
You will be able to spot these 'location' quests when you pick them up by looking at the top middle of your screen where you will get a pop up telling you "Started *location name* completion quest" this is how you know it is not a side quest and will give you max quest XP.

You can also make pretty good ESO gold if you farm solo dungeons with a friend or 2, just run laps and pick everything up and you can kill the boss every 2 laps for a soul gem and a chance at a blue item. This method will also help you craft faster.