ESO guide:Racial Skills in ElderScrolls Online

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Racial Skill lines are specific to each race. Racial skills are passive abilities which give various different kinds of benefits. By default, players only the first racial skill which does not require any skill points. As you level up, your racial skill rank will also increase, opening up new racial skills in which you can put skill points to further customize and develop your character.

Aldmeri Dominion Racials


eso-Aldmeri Dominion Racials


Ebonheart Pact Racials


eso-Ebonheart Pact Racials


Daggerfall Covenant Racials


eso- Daggerfall Covenant Racials

Imperial Racials
Imperials are a neutral race in Elder Scrolls Online, and are not a part of any faction by default. The player can choose their own faction as an Imperial.

eso-Imperial Racials

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