ESO Guide:Tips to Level Up Crafting Professions

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-28 03:11:19
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Just like in Skyrim and the other Elder Scroll games in the series, crafting professions are important for every eso classes in creating gear and crafting strong enchantments. In order to unlock the strongest elements in the game, you need to be able to level up your crafting abilities in the Elder Scrolls Online. Here is a guide to get you started.



All crafting items need materials in order to create them, which can be gather in several ways. Monsters will often drop items that can be useful, such as soul gems or hides. You can also gather items from the ground, such as herbs that are found in open areas or alongside mountains, or ore that is most often found in dungeons and caves.

Depending on exactly the items you need for crafting, you’ll typically want to look in specific areas to mass gather what you need. Try to gather as much of an item as you can so that you can mass produce, instead of just gaining a crafting level every now and then off of the few materials you find。

Crafting Points
By crafting items, you will receive what is known as crafting points. These are points that you can use in each profession to unlock new crafting abilities. You gain these points from crafting items, and each point down a certain tree will allow you to unlock the next tier of items afterwards. By following down your desired path in a certain profession, you’ll unlock the ability to craft the highest tier of items.

You cannot receive an unlimited amount of crafting points, which limits your ability to unlock certain abilities in each crafting trees. This gives you the option of being able to craft a wide variety of medium tier items, or just a few of the top tier items.

Not only can you unlock recipes through the crafting trees, but you can get some by finding them in the game. These can be found in dungeons, as monster loots, or even in barrels along the street it towns. Finding these recipes not only helps you get a wider range of items that you can craft, but they also give you the potential of finding an easy crafting item that can help you earn crafting points. Easy crafting items are items that don’t require a lot of materials. These are the recipes you want to focus on.