ESO Guide to Combat in Update3

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-08-07 03:25:17
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After a long time awaited update 3 for The Elder Scrolls Online has finally gone live today.Elder Scrolls Online has a very similar combat system to most MMORPGs, except for the fact that it is placed in a whole new environment and takes more skill rather than just hitting an ability and dealing damage based off of your gear. There are several roles that needs to be filled for each successful group to have a chance at defeating some of the strongest monsters in the game, or winning a player versus player scenario. Here is your own personal guide to the combat system in Elder Scrolls Online.


There are three main roles with several off-spec roles that they can fill as well. These three roles from four eso classes work in unison in order to accomplish a similar goal. When everyone does their role effectively and can keep themselves alive in combat, you will come out victorious.

The first role is the damage role, otherwise known as DPS. It is your job in a fight to be able to deal out as much damage as possible without dying. The fight length depends on how much damage you can put out, and the longer a fight goes, the less of a chance your group has of succeeding. The nightblade and the sorcerer fit the most in this role

The second role is the tank, or the damage absorber. It is your job in a fight to take all the hits to the face and mitigate the damage so that your DPS can focus mainly on dealing damage. You have high armor and health stats that allow you to stay alive and take a much tougher beating than the other two roles. In Elder Scrolls Online you can allow your allies to take a little bit of damage safely, as each class, especially the dragonknight, is equipped with abilities that offer both escapes and protection.

The third and final role are the healers. In fights, it’s their job to keep the group alive for as long as they can. If someone in the group gets low on health, they will heal that person to keep them from falling in combat. Most healing skills could be cast by the templar.

Now that the third update is out of the way, let’s hope the fourth one will add content that will further expand your journey in Tamriel.