ESO: Homestead Patch Notes is Available in PTS

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-01-05 02:00:44
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Previously we know that there will be a new housing system Homestead in Elder Scrolls Online. Now the patch notes featuring Homestead is available in Public Test Server. Players are able to test and decorate your home with over 2,000 individual decorative and furniture options. Let's see some details below in this page.


ESO Homestead


"Update 13 features Homestead - player housing is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online! As such, you may now acquire and decorate homes across Tamriel. Homestead features 39 homes spread throughout many zones in the base game. Homes can be found in a variety of interesting locations across Tamriel, and each is available for purchase."


Here are some details about basics and home decoration.


Homestead Basics

Except for the entry-level apartment, which is free after completing a short quest, all of the initially-available homes can be purchased with in-game gold or crowns.

  • You may own one of every home, all the way up to all 39 available at launch!
  • Homes are shared across all characters on your account.
  • Homes are split into several tiers by size.
  • Home ownership is tracked in the new Housing tab of the Collections window.
  • All 36 homes can all be purchased with either gold or crowns.
  • Homes have limits on the number of items, collectibles, and visitors that may be present, with larger homes having higher caps.
  • Dueling is allowed in homes, but is disabled inside inn-rooms or apartments.
  • Pets, Assistants, and Mounts cannot be summoned inside of homes, but can be placed inside homes as decorations.


Home Decoration

Furnishings are a new kind of inventory item that may be placed in a home, and can be identified by the word “Furnishing” on their tooltip. These function like any other inventory item until it is time to place them in a home.

  • After you enter a home you own, you can enter the housing editor and start placing furnishings.
  • Once placed, a furnishing is removed from your inventory or bank and is stored in the house, counting towards the maximum number of items that can be placed in the home.
  • You can place each object at any location and at any angle. The only limitation beyond the Furnishing caps is there is a small safe area near the main entrance which cannot be filled with items.
  • In addition to furnishing items, you can also place assistants, mounts, non-combat pets, and a new category of furnishing collectibles called Trophies that includes Undaunted Busts.


You can check the whole patch notes on ESO's forum discussion or here. What do you think about? Have fun with the test. Have fun with the housing system. When you have extra requirements for your game play, you can come to visit our online store, where is the best place to buy eso gold