ESO: How to Gain CP without PVP

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-02-14 10:35:53
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Although we can gain CP from PVP, PVP is one of the slowest ways to get CP. So other decent ways are displayed to obtain CP.


1. Go to old Orsinium and kill bears. If you have an XP scroll and enlightenment you'll get 4K XP each. You'll have a CP every 15 to 20 minutes at your level.


2. Doing Daily Random gives you a raw 100k+ exp, doing daily pledges, doing Assassin/TG radiant quest, world bosses, trials which are repeatable to get the experiences, grinding mobsters on certain areas.


3. Take your best DPS level 50 character and build level 150 purple gear with the training trait. Buy physic abrosia or get crown experience scroll. Go to Orsinium public dungeon, Imperial City Sewers or nMA and grind killing lots of mobs as fast as you can until your eyes bleed. This is what "hardcore" people do to get CP quickly.


4. Run random normal and SIlver pledge once a day on each level 50 character you have. This will use up all your enlightenment every day plus you get extra exp from completing these 2 dungeons on each character. Thats good for several CP a day.


5. Quest using your level 50's in caldwells Gold area (or anywhere when One Tamerial hits). This is depressingly slow though. Each quest barely nudges the bar unless it is a main quest. If you haven;t done the main quest, fighters quests or mages quests then do them at 50 to gain lots of CP.


6. Finish the story, finish Cadwell's Silver and Gold. Quests give lots of EXP and Gold. Along with more skill points and sky shards to collect for more skill points to max out all of your crafting as well.


It is said that gaining CP relys on how many CP you have. If you get any other tips to implement, just let us know. Have a nice day.