ESO: How to Increase "Spell Damage" Stats

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-12-10 02:29:31
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Spells are any skills that use Magicka. This Attribute goes up 1.5 per level. This Attribute increases damage/healing done by spells. Some players may wonder how to increase spell damage stats, so here are some ways to help you improve.


eso increase spell damage


One, get to vet 16, all gold legendary gear, all legendary weapons, all gold spell power enchants in your will power jewelry, molag kena helm/shoulders 5pc Julianos etc. Look up any magicka sorc build. Your going to need to be vr 16 if you wanna up your spell power by a lot. If you only want to up it a little bit right now at lvl 45 get yourself some spell power enchantments and put them on your jewelry.


Two, if you want a quick solution, earn AP in cyrodiil and buy jewelry boxes if you don't have any jewelry and put some blue weapon damage enchants on them. You don't need to spend too much money on a lvl 45. You'll want to save what gold you can because a fully maxed set of gear at vr16 is gonna cost hundreds of thousands of gold, maybe even a million if you haven't been collecting mats at all and buy it outright.


Three, you can use two torags pact swords for extra sp on a damage bar. If you don't use any wep skills on your damage bar on your templar, so you can put torags pact dual swords on that bar for some extra sp, that means you can also have them buff you crit as well if put that trait on them.


Last, the way scaling works is your stats won't be very good unless you have gear you're level. Let's say you're L50 wearing L45 gear. It'll scale like a V15 wearing V10 gear and then you think of course my stats suck. Best way is to buy a blue or epic (haven't seen legendary yet, but they are probably out there) "of the whateverthefuckstat" that has an ability that you want (most likely health) and add a spell dam jewellery enchant to it. The quality of the item also affect the enchant, raising it's score. If you're wearing blue gear it'll scale you like your gear is blue and let's be honest 99% of v16 have all purple at least.


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