ESO Imperial City Prison Dungeon Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-10-20 08:38:14
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This strategy guide is for the Imperial City Prison Dungeon on veteran difficulty. V14 or higher is recommended for all party members. The dungeon is located inside the Imperial City and is for four players.
Class Requirements:
One dedicated tank and healer are required.
Two dedicated damage-dealers are required. Ranged DPS is preferable in the dungeony.

For the most part, the trash in Imperial City Prison is run of the mill. The dungeon features narrow hallways that are perfect for collecting groups of enemies and mowing them down with area-of-effect attacks.

To begin the fight, the tank should run towards the Overfiend and position him so that he is facing the blue portal. The remaining group members should stand directly behind the Overfiend.

Ibomez The Flesh Sculptor
Ibomez can be a difficult encounter due to her non-traditional mechanics. Situational awareness is required to complete this encounter.

To begin, the tank should rush Ibomez and begin to acquire aggravation. As soon as the fight begins, additional enemies will spawn from the cells. The two damage dealers should position themselves on opposite sides of the room.

Gravelight Sentry
The Gravelight Sentry behaves like most of the other sentries in the game. Avoid the explosions on the ground. The explosions can be avoided by dodging out of the way or blocking. If not avoided, then the player caught in them will be stunned and take a large amount of damage.

Flesh Abomination
Begin the fight by allowing the tank to turn the abomination and the Necrotic Hoarvors away from the rest of the group.

The Bodyguards
This encounter is arguably the easiest in the dungeon. Allow the tank to round all up all four bosses and take them to one of the spike-traps. The tank should target the enemy templar and interrupt his heals for the entire fight. The healer should target the enemy necromancer and interrupt his summoning abilities the entire fight.

Lord Warden Dusk
The final encounter for the dungeon is a fairly complicated and difficult one. It is not uncommon for groups to struggle during this encounter.

Health, magicka, and stamina potions drop from each boss. Grand soul gems and several daedric embers are also expected drops.

Epic quality loot has a small chance to drop. Superior quality loot drops regularly.