ESO: Is It Necessary to Research All Traits for Armor

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-01-11 18:44:49
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One question, do you think it is necessary to do the research on traits for armor piece and weapon? Of course, it has the necessity to do the research for the crafting. However, the opposite ideas do exist. This page will show you the possibility and how and the contrary thoughts.


ESO research on traits


People who hold the opposite thoughts, that most of traits are useless individually, but its more about to be able to craft 8+ trait armor sets.And the research will cost you much time. 


On the contrary, most people consider the doing research on the traits will bring you following benefits.


1. You can craft sets piece only if you know enough traits. eg, Twice Born Star needs you to know all 9 traits for the piece of armor or weapon you are trying to craft. It might also become important for the Master Crafter Writs in Homestead.


2. Research helps you save a lot of time and let you know what to deconstruct or what you need to keep for research in the future.


3. If you want to be able to craft every set in the game, you'll need to have all traits researched for every piece (this takes 8 months to complete). Having all traits researched will also be required to complete master writs in the next update. It seems more important to research all traits if you want to be a crafter.


So how to do the research? You have to research each trait for each item type separately. Opening the research tab, go to the item type you have a trait for. It says "unknown" because you have not yet researched it, but it should be in white color writing instead of greyed out if you have the item in your inventory. Just double click / activate that trait and a pop up comes up allowing you to select the item you want to research. Confirm, and the research starts.


Take these into good consideration and get the useful information. May you have fun with the research with all traits. More game tips or relevant information, you can go to our online store, where is the best place to buy eso gold. Have fun with your game.