ESO Latest Download Contents:Imperial City

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-08-08 05:45:09
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Recently from the news of ZeniMax Online Studios, we know that The Elder Scrolls Online has claims that the latest Download Contents is Imperial City, which is the capital of Tamriel and located in the heart of Cyrodiil. The Imperial City must lead to a new desire of ESO Gold.



The Elder Scrolls Online development team has made the promise to deliver a sense of nostalgia to the dedicated players of the franchise. Since The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited happens before the events of Oblivion things is going to looks different to some extent.

Since the Imperial City having been attacked by the Worm Cult, it is now under siege and been badly destroyed. There is a very dark and secret tone in the street since the monster wander the street.

The original articles are as follows.
“Since the city and its districts existed prior to their inclusion in ESOTU, it was easy for us to recreate the basic layout of the Imperial City based on the general design found in Oblivion. We did take some liberties, such as expanding the size of the Imperial Sewers to allow for more room in your alliance’s home base. Above ground, we needed to emphasize that this is a completely different time with very real threats that have quickly shaped the region.”

However, the new district is not fit for everyone and the Imperial City DLC now is available on the public test server and plans to release on PC/Mac on August 31, Xbox One on September 15, and PlayStation 4 on September 16, it is pretty close, right? Are you ready to play it? Come on, just enter the Elder Scrolls Online and prepare enough cheap ESO Gold is necessary.