ESO Level 50 End-Game Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-26 12:08:01
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In The ElderScrolls Online, even if a player has reached the Level 50, the game will continue to provide novel experiences and open up new horizons. Precisely, a whole new journey begins once you have attained Level 50 in The Elder Scrolls Online.



Player vs. Player Space
Although anyone can jump into PvP Space at any given time, but doing so after you have reached maximum level is far more fun. At this point, you will all the gear with you; even some Legendaries. The other players will also have the higher level which will encourage neck and neck competition.

Veteran Leveling

Contrary to the popular belief, once you have acquired Level 50, you will still be able to level up, but this time it will be as a Veteran. Veteran Leveling is exactly identical to normal leveling up and is capped at 50.

You will once again complete dungeon, take out fierce monsters, and explore different areas to level up. Be sure to check out Power Leveling Guide to know how to level up fast.

The World is there for you to Explore!
Once you hit Level 50 and enter Veteran Leveling, you will unlock new areas to explore. These areas will have unique enemies and different set of quests.In addition to this, you will unlock new dungeons which will help you level up the Veteran Levels. In these dungeons, you will unlock unique items which are only available to characters at Veteran Level.

Although this should be done earlier in the game, it’s never late to pick up a profession and start crafting things. Crafting is certainly one of the most fun aspects of The Elder Scrolls Online and the game offers you six different professions to choose from.

You can De-Construct your already crafted item and do Research to increase your weapon level to Legendary. I have compiled a separate guide on each of these professions which can be found below: